Help us save Bobby
Adjud, Romania
This is Bobby, a young and loving dog with a sad story. He spent his first two years of life outdoors, on a chain, regardless the weather, with insufficient and low-quality food and many
Save 5 puppies
Alafaya, United States
In a warehouse on the outskirts of the town, near my husband's office, we found a lady dog with 7 puppies. If the owner of the warehouse does not find a master for them he will apply euthanasia for the puppies.
Raise money for Jack
Athens, United States
Hello I’m Jack and I’m really happy to meet you. Why? Because , I’m pretty sure you can help me to can recover myself I need a urgent surgery because my left leg it’s broken because a car hit me and the driver left me there heartless , I stayed ther
Help for dogs and horses
Deva, Romania
We tried to support this project by our own efforts for a period of 13 years. But now we arrived to a point in which only with your help we can develop this project. We need money for: - Food, medicines and veterinary assistance for the winter period
Non Profit Pet Food Pantry in Florida needs donation to help us keep pet's in their homes and out of shelters
Port Saint Lucie, United States
Ginger's Pet Food Pantry in Port St Lucie Florida is the only Non Profit pet food pantry in our county.