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The hippo-therapy centre and school of equitation was founded by two wonderful people, DANA and IULIAN.

For almost 13 years, they try to insufflate to children who do not have the opportunity to get in touch with animals, to be near them and within nature.

Every Sunday, their yard is animated by children, eager to get on horseback. Some children come here for pleasure, to forget a little of computers and of the routine from the city. Others come to treat through hippo-therapy their different affections.  

The children who attend the equitation courses learn everything is to be learned about these animals maintenance, time when, a special and profound connection is created between them and animals. At the beginning, children learn essential things and only after they accustomed with the animal, they begin walks, accompanied by an instructor.

            "At the equitation classes, children of three-four years old come accompanied by their parents, but adults also come. Practically, we do an initiation. Before riding, a child must know how to look after these animals, how to mount, dismount. Afterwards, after a while when the child can control the horse, he is left to ride alone. For being able to ride you must be an equilibrated man and the child who learns to master a horse, gets confidence in himself. There is an affinity between children and animals. Only staying near horses you get to know them.  Horses are not animals without senses; they have personality, feelings, joys, sorrows, boredoms. There are animals with a much equilibrated character. Also, horses know to take-over all your feelings.  Children have a great potential. They need freedom of movement and when they come here they are explosive, exuberant and many times they surpass the limits. A child who rides will be able to do everything in this world." says DANA.

            „It is an interesting sports activity, as well for healthy children but also for the ones who suffer from different affections. Riding puts all the muscles of the organism in function and it strengthens them. It helps in the neurologic treatment but also in the neuromuscular one. To many people with physical disabilities the riding offers a freedom not known by them.  

Generally, children with locomotor problems come here, but also children with neuro-psychic affections. They learn here how to ride but also how to take care and how to communicate with the animal.

It is very important that the equitation lesson takes place in nature, where children can be positively charged with energy and high spirits. Many children who came here for riding at the beginning were lonely and timid but after they began to practice riding they became much more communicative", says IULIAN.

The equitation centre owns now four horses: ȘOIMUL, an Anglo-Arab, PINNOCHIO, a cross-bred of an Arab thorough-bred horse with Shetland, ZORRO, a cross-bred of "Huţul" with Shetland and TORNADO, a cross-bred colt of "Huţul" with Shetland.

Beside horses and ponies, DANA and IULIAN have also many dogs, cats, goats and rabbits. The work with animals isn't easy at all. In addition, this passion is very expensive. DANA is working very hard too, even if she is the owner. The food, medicines, veterinary assistance, shoe, harnesses, the leather of the saddle, bridle, all these generate a lot of expenses.


- "My daughter comes here only for one month, but if at the beginning she complained of back pain, now she has no problems. Her general condition is much better. I recommend to all to try riding, both to the healthy ones and to the ones who suffer from different affections, children or adults" says the mother of a child with disabilities, who comes here to ride.

- Corina Toma is 15 years old and she mounted on a horseback for the first time two years ago. Now she mounts alone, with great ambitions of performance. "I was not afraid because I always liked horses and the first time when I mounted on the horseback was the most beautiful day of my life and I wished to never end" says the teenager.


We tried to support this project by our own efforts for a period of 13 years. But now we arrived to a point in which only with your help we can develop this project. We need money for:

- Food, medicines and veterinary assistance for the winter period.

- The finalization of the centre construction

- 30 children out of whom 8 with different health problems want to participate at equitation lessons, but their parents cannot afford to pay. You can help these children by sponsoring their equitation lessons. 

- Building a shelter for abandoned dogs. We adopted 28 dogs, but people always bring us abandoned dogs from the town's streets and we have no longer the possibility to shelter them.


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